Top 10 best home theatre under 5000 available online in India.

 Top 10 best home theatre under 5000 available online in India.

Top 10 best home theatre under 5000 available online in India.

Top 10 best home theatre under 5000 available online in India.| Watching movies with family over weekends is enjoyable and a way to bond with your loved ones. You can choose from countless model of home theatres. Actually today, home theatre is a need of every home. In short, buying a home theatre you get the quality of sound that you hear in theatres. You can choose from the big or small speakers and we recommend that big speakers are better. There are many home theatre many home theater in the market but all doesn’t give a proper sound and feel. 
Now we have make a list of best home theatre in India. The list can include maximum 5.1 speakers. The maximum price of this list is 5000. Under 5000 but they don’t want to go for 2nd best Options that is why I am here to give you your best home theatre system under 5000. Trust we will get the your choice in this list.
So, lets begin.

1. Creative SBS E2900 

The most powerful speakers system in the Creative SBS E2000 series, this all-round 2.1 speakers system is set to captivate you with its incredible audio performance while offering a wide spectrum of connectivity options-wired, wireless, and other from. Powerful 2.1 Bluetooth speakers system that offers stunning and loud audio performance with 60W RMS and up to 120W peak power. The speakers are fitted with in-house tuned far-field drivers to deliver room-filling audio experience. listen to your favorite radio stations or DJ with the built in analog FM tuner. Enjoy high-quality audio wireless to your devices without any cable fuss. Also featuring USB flash playback, AUX-in and SD Card. It is a 2.1 speakers . The price of this powerful speakers is just Rs.5000 at amazon.
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2. F&D F700X 5.1

The F&S F700X Home theatre speakers system is sure to enhance your home entertainment experience. It is equipped with a fully functional remote control that lets you adjust  settings according to your preference. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the speakers system lets you engage in wireless streaming of songs from your smartphone.Fluorescence full function remote control. Great way to listen your MP3 player, PC TV, cD, DVD USD/SD and all your multimedia. Sub woofer speakers : 40-125Hz, satellite : 120Hz-20KHz. The maximum output of speakers is 80W. The FM connectivity features less you tune in to your favourite radio channels. Plug and play USB card reader. USB reader supporting MP3/WMA dual formats decoding. Equipped with an SDslot, the speakers system lets you play songs directly from your phone. This awesome speakers is just price of at Rs.4999 .
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3. Zebronics BT6790 RUCF

Keep the party going. The Zebronics BT 6790 wired & wireless home audio spears brings every party to life with thunderously loud sound. It is also a Bluetooth home theatre. Featuring an elephant design, this 5.1 channel speakers has one sub woofers units and five satellite speakers. Listen to heart-thumping music-this speakers has a 10.16 cm (4) sub woofer drive unit and 7.62 (3) satellite speakers units. Tune into your favourite radio station on this speakers as it also support FM radio. The speakers support USB and SD inputs to play music from other devices beside your PC. Control the music from the comfort of your couch with a remote. The sub woofer delivers 20-watt output and each of the satellite speakers give 5-watt output. The frequency response is 35Hz-20KHz. The impedance of the sub woofer is 4 Ohms. The maximum output RMS per satellite is 40W. It also have a LCD screen . It also have  a remote control system. The price of this home theatre is 4,298 at flipkart .
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4. Zebronics BT4440 RUCF

The Zebronics BT4440 Bluetooth Home Audio speakers is designed with a sleek and glossy finish that can accentuate the theme of your living room.The speakers system comes with an array of connectivity options such as wireless BT, SD, MMC cards, and AUX. It also comes equipped with a built-in FM radio. You can change its RGB LED lights according to your mood so the visuals are just as enchanting as the audio. This speakers-system comes equipped with an FM radio for you to switch to somethings different every times you get bored of listening to your playlists. It also have  remote control which you can control  the speakers, even if you’re away from it. Its speakers output is 60 Watt that delivers you super sound effect. 4 Ohms sub woofer and speakers.
The price of this super speaker is just 3000 at flipkart.
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5. Philips SPA8240B/94

This Philips speakers has 40W RMS total output power. RMS  refers to root mean square which is a typically measurement of audio power. The Philips SPA8120B/94 PC speakers provides good sound quality with a rich bass experience from a loudspeaker box system. The built-in FM tuner lets you enjoy your favorite songs or news from your radio stations everyday. Connect your speakers to all your gear. A great way to listen to your MP3 player, PC, TV, DVD, and all your multimedia stuff. Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology alloes easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices, so you can play your favorite music from any smartphones, tablets or even laptops including iPod or iPhone on bluetooth. Its frequency range is 20Hz-20KHz, output power is 50W, power 230V, 50Hz singalong ratio is less than 60dB. The price of this is 4000 at flipkart. 
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6. iball Boom Box

Your’Perfect Party Fix’ had long been evading you, hadn’t it? Your wait ends here. This 5.1 Full wood Bluetooth speakers is here to brings the THUD to your dance floor and then some more. iBall Boom Box is your package of thunder! Christened Boom Box with a reason, this set of 5 Satellite  speakers +1 sub woofer comes with spectacularly designed , breathing LED effects on the woofer, to set your party scene on fire. A sound quality to Blow your mind, a bass effect which wouldn’t let you catch a breath – Boom Box is even equipped with a Remote control, for your ease. You need no more reason to get your on this hands on this one. 
Brand iBall total peak output of 80W driver unit of(woofer 22w and satellite 14W Other satellite is 3W each. The price of this Indian speakers is at Rs.4800 on amazon.
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7. Intex 2.1 XV 2800 FMUB 

Intex 2.1 High Quality speakers with deep pure sound comes with wooden encased woofer and satellites. The convenient top control multimedia functions makes it even more desired. Play music via USB Pen Drive and SD/MMC. Play music with a remote control with that offers direct track selection options. The maximum speakers power input is 50W. Power source is AC 220V-240V/ 50-60Hz. You can go up to 7m distance from home theatre for wireless support. you can also do wireless music streaming via Bluetooth support. There is also have an options memory card slot. The main frequency response of main unit is 40Hz-150Hz and satellite is 150Hz-20KHz, and impedance is 4 Ohms. 
The price of this Bluetooth home theatre is Rs.3,099. 
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8. Intex IT-XM BANG

Elevate the mood of your party instantly by blasting music on the Intex home audio speakers. It delivers high quality audio that is accompanied by distinctive and thumping bass riffs to provide you with an enthralling aural experience. These speakers give an output of 25W + 10 W x 4; so you can sound trip on soft and mellow romantic numbers or headband while listening to heavy metal songs with full feel. You can connect these audio speakers to other devices via Bluetooth, AUX, SD Card and USB, DVD and also tune in to your favourite FM channels for an endless flow of music. You do not have to leave your comfortable spot on the couch and go to the speakers to change the song remote and control the volume of the songs with ease. The power output of this speakers is 65W and sales package is 4 speakers and 1 sub woofer. 
The price of this home theatre is 3500 at flipkart.
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9. Philips SPA4040B/94 

If you love watching movies, playing high-end games and grooving to feet-tapping music, then this Philips laptop speakers is what you need to get to enhance your audio experience. Philips SPA4040B/94  is a Bluetooth Home Theatre. Simply connect this laptop speakers via Bluetooth and play your favourite music from your any device. You can also access more music from your USB flash drive and your phone’s SD card by simply connecting them to these speakers. With this Philips speakers, you can watch movies in a theatre-like ambiance, thanks to its 5.1 surround and rich bass.
The Home theatre have 45W 5 speakers and a sub woofer. The SPA4040B/94  have a power input of 50Hz, 230V and 85dB of sensitivity. The price of this Philips Bluetooth Home theatre is 4,990.
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ZEB-SAMBA is a 4.1 multimedia speaker which has design and It has multi-connectivity options like BT/USB, SD and BT. It has individual volume bass and treble controls will a built in FM. The speakers comes with multi-colored LED lights to enhance the overall music experience you can go from no lights to a party mode with multinational colored LED lights. Samba is a 4.1 multimedia speakers which has an LED display and aesthetic design with multi-colored LED lights which gives a good look and feel to design scheme. It has multi-connectivity options like USB, SD/MMC, and BT. It has individual volume bass and treble controls will a built-in FM and a fully functional remote control.  The speakers output is 48W. The sound quality will blow your mind, a bass effect which wouldn’t let you catch a breath- Boom Box is even equipped with a remote control, for your ease. You no need no more reason to get your hands on this one. The price of this Samba is Rs.5000 .
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