Information Technology and Water supply in Kinondoni municipal

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Information Technology

The census report of 2012 shows that Kinondoni municipal in some extent is well connected with information services. The report of 2012 shows that Kinondoni district is growing in terms of information technology when you compare it with other district found in Tanzania. For example various communication networks has been established in various parts of Kinondoni municipal which help people of this municipal to communicated with other people, who are living in various parts of Tanzania and other who living outside of Tanzania.

The report has select just few of information services which have been established in Kinondoni district, some of these information services include The Ambassador of USA in Tanzania found in Magomeni, in which government has established advanced information technology which facilitate government officers to communicate rapidly with people outside the country. Also at Ubungo area there is TANESCO building which has connected with advanced information network which facilitate the people who work in such services to observe the users of electricity in various parts of the country without going direct to their house stead.

Likewise various communication networks including Vodacom Towers, Tigo Tower and Air tel Towers have been established in a good number which then facilitate people to communicate with various living outside of this district.

Therefore due to advanced of information technology in Kinondoni district many people in various places in the country and outside the country have been attracted to come to live in this municipal hence this leads to the increase of people in this municipal and high density to several wards of Kinondoni example mwananyamala, Mikocheni, Mabibo, Kigogo, Tandale.

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Water supply

Water is a vital resource to our daily lives. We all need water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and for slums. The study of Kinondoni revealed that the state of domestic water supply services in the area is not enough and for other house hold consumption.

As such the supply of clean and safe water is very important promising as water supply services are unreliable, difficult to access and too expensive for many for human live hood.

Despite this significance, the supply of clean and safe water has been endemic users. The bleak situation highlighted is attributed to several challenges including poor and old water infrastructures sabotage of water infrastructure illegal water connection, unreliable water supply illegal water connection, unreliable water supply (UN 2009) trends suggest continuation of this unhealthy state due to the fact that the sources unregulated water services provision, rapid growth in demand of water services, limited water resources throughout the area are becoming depleted. This is due to limited participation of the (manzase community in water supply related project and lateral expansion of cities that require costly infrastructure. On the article, recommends that there should be deliberate effort by governments and development partners to vastly improve water infrastructure in informal settlements empower people to take advantage of rational water shortage coping mechanisms enhance local community involvement supply.

Due to these challenges Dar es Salaam Water and Sanitation Authority (DAWASA) has made a great effort to establish water infrastructure in those areas. It equally presses the Dar es Salaam Water and Sanitation Company (DAWASCO) a public agency changed with the provision and maintenance of water supply and sanitation to serve the increased demand for technical arrangement make water connection from few main pipes in the area. They lay plastic pipes in shallow trenches which are easily damaged due to traffic erosion or vandalism as a result lots of water is lost through leakages which in turn add to water shortage in the city.

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The goal of providing clean and safe water to the urban population from 74% in 2005 to 90% 2010 set by the government has not yet been achieved because only 83% of urban of population is supplied with clean and safe water. Among of the other reasons behind this failure is due to poor and old water infrastructures.

The areas which are mostly facing the scarcity of water supply in Kinondoni municipal are like Manzase, Kimara, Tegeta, Kibamba, Mbezi and other areas where water is supplied by street vendors with a very high cost. These areas experience the low density population due to the accesses of the water in the life of human being for everyday’s consumptions.


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